About Us

At Yana, our vision is to grow the Indian climbing community and to support climbers in their journey - whether that is to get stronger, to come together with others, to explore their potential, to climb to new heights or simply to be present and have fun.

In 2022, we launched FrankieBoard to apply good design to quality training products. The product was dreamt of, designed, prototyped, crafted and produced in India using sustainable practices.

In 2023, we are fostering the development of a new generation of climbers in India through a community bolting course. Our goal is to create new climbing areas with the help of the community. Additionally, we have launched a fundraising campaign to provide a diverse range of routes for climbers of all levels to enjoy.

We aim to bring to you products and experiences that are designed with the help of talent from around the world. We hope you love what we do. Do feel free to send us your feedback or get in touch if you are interested in collaborating with us on community driven or product specific ideas.